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Looking for Kitchen Countertops? We have thousands of different types of granite, quartz, marble, Quartzite & Porcelain for your selection. We are there with you from the design until the install of the counter top. High quality granite and marble along with high quality of service and expertise is what we guarantee once you visit us. You name the stone and we will provide it to you. Natural stone products from all around the world are available to the costumers, using only the highest quality natural stone at affordable and competitive pricing. 

Natural Stone Countertops


Granite is a popular choice for kitchen countertops. Its crystalline structure lends itself will to lighting effects and granite ranges in colors. Kitchen countertops are among the most important components of a well designed kitchen and you couldn’t do better then a kitchen made of granite counter top. Granite countertops are known to be considered very popular of use in the kitchen work surfaces. The combination of so many types of rock give granite its trademark speckled appearance.Each granite has it’s own unique special color and no two granites are alike. 


Marble was a popular rock for sculptors is classical times due to its white coloring and relative softness. It could be shaped with the hand tools available in that time period. Marble is still used today for decorative purposes. It comes in a variety of types and several shades of color, and can be highly polished. Light actually penetrates the crystal structure before being reflected. This gives marble a unique visual appeal. A huge variety of colors allows the stone designer virtually unlimited combinations of the customer to realize inspirations in the marble. The most famous marble is the White Carrara Marble. Used by sculptors of antiquity and Renaissance, is today many enthusiastic supporters. This Rock is white in the classical form, but its different varieties present a variety of colors of Rainbow.


If you are looking for the elegance look of marble and durability of granite then quartzite is what you want. Quartzite is created when sandstone is heated and compressed by tectonic forces. Usually white to grey in color, sometimes increased levels of iron oxide can give quartzite different colors. Due to its hardness and natural shape, quartzite is popular for kitchen countertops. 

Engineered Stone Countertops


Quartz/Engineered stone is a composite material made of crushed stone bound together by a polymer resin. It is used primarily for kitchen countertops. In some forms, it’s considered to be a semi-precious gemstone. The uniformity of quartz engineered stone, together with its excellent physical properties such as resistance to shock, abrasion and acid agents, make this an exciting product especially suited to kitchen.  There are different companies that sell the quartz/engineered stone some of the brand names are:
Caesar Stone, K-Stone, TCE, G & T, Gold Star,  Diamastone & Compac